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    British Council Reading Challenge Programme(6th December, 2016)

    Panbai International School organised a ‘British Council Reading Challenge Programme 2016 -17. The Reading Challenge Programme is a massive reading promotion programme for children and young people in UK. The aim of the challenge is to read a wide variety of books from the speciality selected list .The challenge inspires children to read for fun, the element of challenge gives them an incentive to read, and a sense of achievement on finishing them. Through the event students who enrolled for Reading Challenge Programme read six books or more books within a span of six – weeks. Students also participated in workshops offered by British Council on 6th December 2016; Topic was Reading Actively, in that following activities were conducted:

    • Counting Game with lets read actively.
    • Video Presentation: A girl who hated books.
    • Reading on musical chairs.
    • Reading to each other’s – in pairs
    • Readathon – clocking the reading time.
    • Reading alternate lines.
    • Narrating reading passage to each other.
    • Making Book Mark Activity.
    • Feedback from grade 4 to 8 students had been taken.

    On completion of the challenge the participants will be rewarded with a certificate.


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