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    Christmas Celebration (21st December,2016)


    Students of Flamingo Kids celebrated Christmas. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

    A Christmas tree was set up for the celebratory look during the festive season. A manger or crib too is a must. As it replicates the nativity scene or the birth of Jesus Christ, it holds a special place and is very sacred. A manger or a crib shows how Christ was born in a cow shed. Thus Mother Mary her husband Joseph and baby Christ along with camels, sheep and cows are artistically placed to recreate the scene.

    The corridor on the first floor was decorated depicting the Christmas season. A Christmas tree and a crib was beautifully decorated and placed in the reception area on the ground floor.

    All the children and teachers were dressed in red and white attire. Santa Claus welcomed all the children with his famous laugh ho, ho, ho. Gifts were distributed by Santa to all the children of Flamingo Kids. The children were in awe of the Santa and his famous laugh ho, ho, ho.

    Christmas carols were sung and a story depicting the birth of Jesus Christ was shown to students. During break, snacks were distributed to the children who thoroughly relished it.

    Children enjoyed every minute of the day and will always cherish it.


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