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    Inclusive Education at Panbai International School

    Inclusive education happens when children with and without disabilities participate and learn together in the same class. Research shows that when a child with disabilities attends classes alongside peers who do not have disabilities, good things happen.

    For a long time, children with disabilities were educated in separate classes or in separate schools. People got used to the idea that special education meant separate education. But we now know that when children are educated together, positive academic and social outcomes occur for all the children involved.

    We also know that simply placing children with and without disabilities together does not produce positive outcomes. Inclusive education occurs when there is ongoing advocacy, planning, support and commitment. And this kind of special commitment is provided at Panbai International School by a team of Psychologist and Special Educator. These facilitators as per school policy ensure a continuous observation schedule, and also guide the students with specific needs to take the required therapy and help the children get in the mainstream education process. We also ensure the child is not deprived of his or her special requirements even at IGCSE level by providing them Access Arrangement as per the Cambridge International Examinations rules and regulations.

    Such is the kind of comprehensive learning environment for each child at Panbai International School. We are proud of the outcomes shown by all our children with such arrangements for them and we continue to believe that Inclusive Education really works wonders.