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    Fancy Dress Competition(10th February, 2017)

    _DSC0892Students of Flamingo Kids Pre-primary (Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG) participated in the “Fancy Dress” competition which was held from 8th February to 10th February, 2017.The themes were:

    Playgroup: Nursery Rhymes

    Nursery: Fairy Tales

    Junior KG: Marine Life

    Senior KG: Healthy food

    Life is one big Fancy Dress party. It is an art of wearing an amazing or unusual costume as a part of a theme.

    It was the most awaited event of the year, as it is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different characters. It was overwhelming to see our little ones speaking confidently. This activity helped the students of the preprimary section to overcome their stage fear, bring out their inner talent, give them a platform to build their self-confidence and explore their inner strength.

    The children dressed up as a star, a bus, an egg, an evil fairy, a tooth fairy, Rapunzel, a crab, sea turtle, mermaid sweet corn, milk and many other beautiful characters.

    The parents were amused at the way the children spoke. When the tooth fairy came on stage the parents and the children both  were in awe of the way she had dressed up and the lines she spoke- Tooth fairy:  A tooth fairy that’s what I am. If your tooth fell, keep it under your pillow and I’ll take it at night. I leave a gift for you.  Some babies don’t, if not do it from today.

    Another child who was dressed as a fruit salad spoke about fruits being very important i gives energy and protects us from diseases. She also said that the life of a child is not very easy, they have to do studies, playing, dancing, skating, and many more to be active all day and be a champion in everything a lot of energy is needed which only healthy food and fruits can give. Fruits make you fit and fine so have fruits whenever you dine.

    Another child who was dressed as a crab said: I am a crab. Well known as Kekada. I am marine animal. My thick shell is called exoskeleton. I am a very famous and tasty sea food. I have two large claws and eight legs. I am rich in proteins, B12 and vitamin B6.

    The best part was when the playgroup children came on the stage for the first time and recited the nursery rhymes to the character they were dressed as.

    The students showcased their talent cheerfully. They were smartly dressed and participated with much enthusiasm and enthralled everybody with their endearing acts.

    Surely some never forget their first teacher of the school in their life ever, while some also might not forget their first Fancy Dress Competition in the school.

    What matters most in such events is not winning or losing, but participation.

    The dynamic show concluded with the encouraging words of the principal incharge ma’am, Ms. Pratibha Mishra who lauded the admiral performances of the tiny tots, parents and the teachers for the success of the event._DSC0605


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