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    Field Trip to Lions Garden(Playgroup)(11th November, 2016)


    The purpose of conducting the field trip is to provide field experience for the children to explore the nature. It is an experience outside the classroom walls to provide students with opportunities to connect with nature and develop a bond with their classmates. The students of Playgroup were taken to Lions Garden on 11th November, 2016. The children assembled in the school and were taken to the garden by school bus. Children were overjoyed about their first field trip.

    After the children settled in the bus, they had lots of fun singing rhymes and looking out of the window at the different types of road transport.

    After reaching the garden the students were taken to play on the slide, swing, seesaw and then we all went and sat in the Aeroplane.

    The students had lot of fun playing with the ball and racing in the garden. They saw the gardener watering the plants. They were thrilled to see colorful butterflies dancing around the beautiful flowers.

    The students were back in school filled with joy after their first field trip.



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