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    Flamingo Kids Graduation Day(Thursday,13th April 2017)


    The transition from preschool to primary section marks a very important step in a child’s life. During the three years of pre-school education, the students grew and learnt so much that it is simply amazing. We did not want the last day of their time with us to just come and go as if it wasn’t significant.

    We wanted our students and their parents to know that their time in preschool was precious and that we value every second of it. We wanted them to celebrate the closing of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences to come.

    Panbai International School’s Flamingo Kids celebrated the Preschool Graduation Day with gusto and gaiety on 13th April, 2017 in the school’s atrium. It was witnessed by principal ma’am Ms. Purnima Mehta and the parents of the graduating class of 2016-2017.

    The atrium was decorated with objects depicting the graduation day. The tiny tots of Senior KG dressed in graduation robes and caps  looked stunning.

    The graduation ceremony started with the welcoming of Principal ma’am, Parents, Teachers and the students of Senior KG by a dance performance of the nursery kids on Welcome song. This was followed by a video showing the students of senior kg doing different activities. Special names were given to each child like: winsome orator, happy helper, sensational storyteller etc. The graduating class sang a very heart touching “ Thank you” song thanking everyone for all they had done for them.

    Then it was time for the junior kg kids to sing a “Good bye” song for the graduating class which made the parents eyes moist as the feeling of their children going to primary section started sinking in.

    The stunning graduates then marched down the red carpet escorted by their class teacher. Principal ma’am was called on stage to give away sashes to Master Flamingo and Miss Flamingo followed by the presentation of the certificates to the graduates.

    Principal ma’am in her speech congratulated all the graduates and wished them luck for the future. The class teacher was proud to see her children graduating and wished them luck. The primary teacher welcomed the graduates with warmth and in their speech told parents to not get worried about them as she would be the guiding force and with their support the students could reach for the stars.

    The ceremony wound up with a jam up session of the parents and the kids.

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