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    Food Festival (Friday, 22nd September 2017)


    Panbai International School’s Food Festival held on Friday, 22nd September 2017.

    As food idolization continues to grow in popularity, the Food Festival Trend is followed in Panbai International School every year. We celebrated the food festival on September 22, 2017 and the theme followed this year was ‘Street Food’.

    Street food is every Mumbaikar’s grab-and-go snack.  Like wise we had an array of stalls, each one offering mouthwatering chaats like Bhel puri, Sevi puri, Dahi puri, Pani puri and Sandwhich. The vendors were all set to freshly prepare each food item and serve it to the students and staff. A coupon system was followed with three counters to purchase the coupons according to the grades which made the festival function smoothly. Each item was sold at a nominal cost of Rs.25/- .All staff members were spread out and stationed at different counters to ensure discipline and at the same time systematic functioning of the festival. The atmosphere during the festival was energetic and each one was in high spirits. Students reviewed Dahi puri & Pani puri as their favorite items for the day and also mentioned they would want the same theme to be followed next year.There was clearly a real appetite for the Festival to take place again.

    Students & Staff of Panbai were totally delighted at the sight & taste of the food. Not only was it a visual treat, I am sure each ones stomach has thanked them! Food is surely an ingredient that binded us all ‘Panbaites’ Together!!

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