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    Grandparents’ Day Celebration – Preprimary(Saturday,8th September 2018)

    Grandparents’ day Celebration


    “Nobody can do for little children what grandparent’s do,

    Grandparent’s sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”- Alex Haley.


    Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our family and their role is unique in each one’s life, which is irreplaceable.

    To felicitate the precious stalwarts Flamingo Kids celebrated Grandparent’s day on 8th September, 2018.


    The grandparent’s got a warm welcome by their grandchildren in a very Indian style where the grandchildren applied kumkum on their forehead.

    Respected principal ma’am Mrs. Pratibha Mishra took the opportunity to welcome our guests of honour the grandparent’s. Not only grandparent’s, we had great grandparent’s also coming in for the celebration.

    In her speech Principal ma’am said, it was a great honour and privilege to be able to organise an event for such stalwarts and bring about a positive change in the outlook of the present generation and inculcate such moral values at an early age.

    The event was filled with fun and frolic. The students tapped their feet on various songs and a musical skit was showcased. The skit unfolded the little ones love for their grandparent’s.


    The grandparent’s showcased their talent during Antakshari, where they happily sang the golden era songs. When it was time for the guests to speak they were overwhelmed and proud of their grandchildren’s performances. They lauded the school for their efforts. One of the Grandparents said, “The school is doing a great job of reviving moral values in our society. These days’ children often don’t respect or have time for the elderly and go about doing their own work. I am happy that my grandchild is learning to value us”.

    The grandparent’s were thanked for coming and gracing the event. The grandchildren gave them a cut-out of their little hand print with a heart and a note on it saying, “I’m blowing this big kiss your way with a wish for a Happy Grandparent’s Day!”

    The celebration concluded with the guests being served tea and snacks. The general mood was one of exultation and everyone seemed truly happy. It was a successful event indeed.

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