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    Spellathon India National Level Examination results

    Panbai International School is proud to announce the Winners of the Spellathon India National Level Examination Results for the Year 2018-19. Please find below the enclosed attachment for the same. Spellathon India National winners 2018-19

    Grandparents’ Day Celebration – Preprimary(Saturday,8th September 2018)

    Grandparents’ day Celebration   “Nobody can do for little children what grandparent’s do, Grandparent’s sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”- Alex Haley.   Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our family and their role is unique in each one’s life, which is irreplaceable. To felicitate the precious stalwarts Flamingo Kids celebrated […]

    Pre-primary Fancy Dress Competition(Saturday,11th August 2018)

    FANCY DRESS COMPETITION     Each child is blessed with talents which are unique and to bring out these hidden talents, a fancy dress competition was held for the students of Flamingo Kids on 11th August, 2018. Fancy dress competition brings out the creativity and ingenuity of the parents and provides the little ones an […]

    Yoga day 1
    International Yoga Day (Thursday,21st June 2018)

    INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY “Yoga lets people discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature” This is the famous quote that was given by our honorable prime minister who took the initiative of creating the importance of our rich culture by taking Yoga on an international platform and declaring 21st June as International […]

    Community Service (Friday, 23rd February 2018)

      COMMUNITY SERVICE   Service learning is a process of involving students in Community Service activities combined with facilitated means for applying the experience to their academic and personal development. Our Principal Ms. Pratibha Mishra ma’am, took the onus of inviting more than 200 students and teachers from our neighboring BMC School to Panbai International […]