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    Pre-primary Fancy Dress Competition(Saturday,11th August 2018)





    Each child is blessed with talents which are unique and to bring out these hidden talents, a fancy dress competition was held for the students of Flamingo Kids on 11th August, 2018.

    Fancy dress competition brings out the creativity and ingenuity of the parents and provides the little ones an opportunity to light the stage on fire with their wonderful attire. They also learn to overcome their shyness and develop a sense of confidence to face an audience.

     It is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different characters building up their speech.

    The various themes were carefully selected according to the relevant age-group.

    Senior KG – Technology

    Junior KG – Professions

    Nursery – Animals

    Playgroup – Fruits

    The students came forward displaying their vibrant costumes.


    The Senior KG students depicted technology by dressing up as a robot, an ATM machine, Mobile phone, traffic signal and many more. The best was the Karaoke who also won the first prize.

    The junior KG students portrayed their favourite character as a teacher, scientist, doctor, an actor to name a few. But the girl dressed as a fireman stole the show as she presented herself and spoke a few lines with confidence.

    The nursery kids looked amazing dressed as animals. All the tiny tots came on stage with confidence and tried to speak a few lines.

    The cherry on the cake were the playgroup students who came dressed as their favourite fruit.  These 2 year olds also came and spoke confidently on the stage.

    The creativity of the parents was astounding and the judges had a tough time deciding the winners for the competition.

    It was a feast to the eyes to watch the little ones performing with such enthusiasm and confidence.

    All the parents were overwhelmed with the kids’ performances. They all had a smile on their face when they left and thanked Principal Ma’am for organising events which help in their child’s development. The memories of such a mesmerising event will be etched in their minds forever.

    “Kudos to our little Panbaiites”

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