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    Pre-Primary Science Exhibition(10th March 2017,Friday)

    27Panbai Flamingo Kids hosted a Science Exhibition on Friday,10th March 2017. The theme was in line with United Nations goal to create “Environmental Awareness”. The event saw young enthusiastic participants and exhibits,comprising of innovative working models and investigation based projects.

    The programme was witnessed by Respected Principal In Charge Mam Mrs.Pratibha  Mishra, Sr.Coordinator Mrs.Shilpa Hiwale and Parents of our little ones who were very much impressed by the presentations of all the Flamingo kids and congratulated the participants.

    The exhibits covered a wide spectrum of topics like Introduction of Global Warming(Its causes, effects and preventive measures), Wild fires, Volcanic Eruption, Melting of Glaciers, Human Body parts(External as well as Internal), Farm Animals, aquatic plant life and animal life. The preparations begun a week in advance. Students enthusiastically worked along with the teachers helping with preparations, making models, colouring charts and decorating classrooms. Corridors and soft boards outside the classrooms were decorated in line with with the theme. As the exhibits were products of students efforts, they were able to present them confidently.

    Parents and visitors were awestruck to see the tiny ones speak so confidently and explain the concepts cheerfully to each and every visitor. All visitors appreciated the efforts put in by students and teachers. The day concluded with floods of positive feedback from parents and visitors.

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