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    If you picture the PTA as a small crew of moms who meet now and then to plan bake sales, you may be in for a big surprise. We are a powerful committee of parents and teachers functioning together with the help of the Principal, and the school management to increase the effectiveness of the educational institute. The Parents Teachers Association(PTA) of Panbai International School decided to go beyond books and create moments of connecting and bonding with other parents, students and teachers under the guidance of the able and dynamic Principal.

    A group of 17 CRs in a PTA, elevated the enthusiasm to a different level which was beyond one had imagined. Not only these members but also a great number of parents voluntarily contributed their zeal to the events.

    OORJA- A Garba night was organized by the PTA on 31st October at Hiravati Hall in Santacruz, Mumbai, for levels from PlayGroup to AS level. Although being the first, it received must appreciation. A lot was learnt through experiencing and interacting with this informal environment. The event inspired new friendships and PTA was prompted to organize another.

    Annual Day Parents Act- Parents took time out inspite of their busy schedule to participate in the annual day function.

    PTA members have so far successfully earned immense gratitude from almost all the parents and this surely didn’t come without any hard work and also due to the support from the school management. Right from participation to achievements it has been a wonderful experience. Growth of anything requires a great deal of nurturing, pioneering, perseverance and patience. This year we gained a much wider group of friends and well wishers. It is this positive aura that will be carried forth to earn higher successes by our school.