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    “Su Kriti” Talent Fest(29th August, 2016)

             We at Panbai International School believe that every child has an innate talent which can highly influence the development of the skills, interest buried deep within him. In order to bring out the potential and talent of each child PBIS organized a 4 day talent fest starting from 29th August, 2016.

                                                                                         “Su Kriti

    An Annual fest with a motive to bring out the hidden talent of the children. We associated with the most prestigious international schools of Mumbai such as JBCN International School Borivali, RBK International School Chembur, MVM International School and DSRV International School, Bombay Cambridge International School. We were delighted to invite the most prestigious International Schools in our Talent Fest, Su Kriti it was our honour in inviting participation from the esteemed institution in various events held and celebrates the spirit of competition. This event helped learners to develop higher level thinking skills, observation and confidence which is very crucial for success in all walks of life.

    We had vigorous performances and talent in 4 categories –

    DAY 1. Linguistic Fiesta (Literacy)

    DAY 2. Scicrest (Science)

    DAY 3. Hobby Lobby (Art and Craft)

    DAY4. Rock till you drop (Performing Arts)

    The eventful day dawned with lighting of the lamp led by the Principal Mrs. Purnima Mehta after which, the students performed a welcome dance to begin the event and to welcome the schools and dignitaries. The atmosphere was drenched with excitement.

    Day 1. Linguistic Fiesta (language is the light of mind).


    English is the third most popular spoken language in the world with an estimate of 2 billion users worldwide. English is not just about reading and writing but also to be able to listen and to speak. After the welcome dance and the briefing about the day all participants dispersed to their classroom and began the competition.

    The students were divided in four groups –

     Group A Group B Group C Group D
    Std 1 and Std 2 Std 3 and Std 4 Std 5 to Std 7 Std 8 to A levels.

    List of competitions on day 1 were Elocution, Storytelling and Spell bee for Group A Elocution, Dubbing and Spell bee for Group B Elocution, Dubbing, Spell bee, Mono Acting, Poetry writing for Group C Elocution, Debate, Spell bee, Mono Acting and Poetry writing for Group D.

    Day 2. Scicrest (Science is a way of thinking…)


    In this competition the students were divided into two groups:

     Group A                                              Group B

    Grade 1-5                                           Grade 6-10

     The competition included the following topics:

    Creating Space: Participants replicated the space habitat in a dark room displaying the entities of   space

    Nest Making: Participants made nest of different birds.

    Contraption: Participants had to set up a contraption of 5 steps displaying conversion of energy into different forms.

    Mechanics: Participants had to set up a device to fling a predefined object (trebuchet) using  only gravity as an energy source. They had to dislodge maximum number of glasses to win the game.







    Day 3. Hobby Lobby (Art and Craft)


    Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – Edgar Degas. Art and Craft displays ones creativity involving a wide variety of activities. The activities involve making things with one’s own hand and are usually taken up as a hobby the activities involved making things with one’s own hand which is usually taken up as a hobby.

    The competitions were divided into 4 groups, the groups and the topic was as follows –




    Topics 1. Vegetable/Hand   Printing

    2. Cartoon Painting

    1. Clay art

        2.Photo Frame


                               Art             Craft
    Topics 1. Pot painting

    2. Sand Art

            1. Quilling

    2. Paper Mosaic


                              Art             Craft
    Topic   1.Typography

    2. Acrylic Painting


    2.Food Art


                           Art               Craft
    Topic 1. Rangoli

    2. T-shirt painting

          1. Wall Hanging

    2. Lamp shade

    Day 4: Rock till you drop (Performing Arts)

    _dsc2527               In India, various facets of performing arts are all pervading bringing colour and joy to numerous festivals and ceremonies, and reaffirming the faith of the people in their heritage. These facets have been responsible for sustaining the long continuities of ancient traditions. They are the link between the past and the present. It thus exemplifies the complex, organic interaction of all aspects of life implicit in all art forms; art is not seen as something apart from life, a mere ornamentation or entertainment, but as an intrinsic part of it.

    The event was divided in two categories KNACK and NAACH.

    KNACK is a competitive platform to showcase any outstanding Performing Art talent that the student has. E.g. Singing, Playing musical Instrument, Rapping, Stand up comedy etc.

    NAACH A platform exclusively for showcasing the talent of dance.

    For all the 4 days external judges who were experts of the respective stream were invited to judge the display and performances by the students.

    It was a breath-taking event and a royal treat to watch the young minds so enthusiastic and innovative to showcase their talent, it was an incredible and unique way of extracting talent from the learners.








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