Welcome to Panbai's Flamingo Kids International Preschool in Santacruz East

At Panbai’s Flamingo Kids, we prioritize early childhood education with a focus on ‘Child-centric experiences’ and ‘Child development.’ Our tailored curriculum fosters an inclusive learning environment, igniting curiosity, nurturing a passion for learning, and building foundational skills for lifelong development.

Admissions Open - 2024

Play group to senior Kg
Designed for students aged 2 to 5

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A Panbai International preschool student in Santacruz engaging with colorful building blocks, surrounded by a vibrant mind map illustration. Illustrating the nursery curriculum's play-way methodology

What skills will your child acquire at Flamingo Kids International Preschool?

Effective Communication

Problem Solving

Adaptive Learning

Team Collaboration

Critical Thinking

Our prime areas are


Personal Social and
Emotional Development


Aesthetic Development

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Guru Narayan Road, Near BMC Office, Sen Nagar, Santacuz East, Mumbai - 400055 Maharashtra, India

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