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International-school-alumni-yashvi in Blue checks at Panbai International school

Spent 4 years in a school that became a second home. Teachers, infrastructure, and annual functions became a part of life. Going into the future and looking back to my wonderful life Panbai has given me the best memories.

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Meet Chheda

The thing I like best about Panbai International School is the homely environment and the close relationships that are developed with both the students and the teachers. At school you are not just a number, everyone knows you.

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Arham Bafne

Nine years at Panbai International School have been everything I asked for. Supportive teachers and peers nurtured me to think outside the box. The school provided opportunities to grow, overcome fears, and embrace art and activities.

A level girl Student smiling alumni of Panbai

Studying at Panbai International School is like a personal experience. That strive to understand and make the course easier for you and you get to build close friends that last a lifetime. I spent around 10 years and I cherish those moments to the core.


PBIS provided ample opportunities for my passion and goals. Teachers went the extra mile with innovative teaching methods, enhancing comfort and knowledge. Disciplined and clean, the school offers career seminars, ensuring confident steps forward.

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